On receipt of your document, we analyse it and within one working day send you back a quote based on the following criteria: – number of words – target / source language – degree of urgency – technical content – software/formatting.


Once received, we evaluate the volume and expertise required and choose the appropriate translator(s) accordingly. We provide the translators any necessary aids such as client glossary, prior client translations, etc. while ensuring strict compliance with your demands in terms of quality and turnaround.


Prior to editing your translations, we ensure consistency in style and terminology by means of glossaries of key terms in order to respect the specific terminology of each client and/ or business sector. We also have a library and a database of terms that we keep continually updated. We require our translators to keep us informed of the progress of their translations. You may contact the person responsible for you at all times to make any changes you wish to the document to translate or just for progress updates.


Our translations are delivered by email unless otherwise requested. We undertake to contact you by telephone to confirm receipt of the documents immediately after transmission. We can also deliver translations by diskette, CD or hard copy.


We strictly follow the formatting of your original document provided that you have sent us an electronic file of your documents that can be amended. If this is not the case, we can format your translation according to your wishes but the price may change depending on the work involved (see GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS).


We evaluate every request received, including translations during weekends and pubic holidays (Weekend Service). For your information, our translators can generally translate up to 3,000 words per day and per individual. If deadlines imposed mean that the work cannot be performed by just one translator, we engage several translators as well as a proof reader who will harmonise the whole document in terms of style and terminology.


< 1 000 words
< 5 000 words
< 20 000 words
< 100 000 words


48 hours
3 days
4/6 days
15/21 days


4 hours
24/48 hours
48/72 hours
72/96 hours

URGENT: Volume > 3 000 words/day and/or turnaround in less than 48 hours.

SUPER URGENT: Contact us directly for all exceptional orders (volume/turnaround/weekends/formatting, etc).